Acrylic Heat Cure Denture Base (Powder and Liquid)

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AED 72.15

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AED 72.15

MFR (Manufatcurer) : Prevest Denpro Ltd/INDIA
MFR Code : 15004
SKU : ATR00234


DSI silane primer agent is considered to be a very reliable, adhesion booster for indirect restorations. Surface pre-treatment steps are encouraged. For the best results, the etched porcelain surface should be completely dried. There cannot be any residual moisture before applying the DSI Silane. DSI Silane offers a 10ml bottle which is twice as much as the competitors.

DSI Silane is a cost-effective coupling agent. It can fulfill the requirements for repairing porcelain and ceramic restorations. It will increase the overall durability of the restoration and the strength of the adhesion. It is optimized for the best results and for convenient and clean work. It produces one of the highest porcelain-to-resin bond resilience compared to other bonding products.