Finger Spreader size 25 length 25mm Ni-Ti

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AED 14.47

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AED 14.47

MFR (Manufatcurer) : SHENZEN/CHINA
MFR Code : 20222525F
SKU : ATR00160


A finely tapered, smooth-surfaced, flexible hand instrument used to laterally condense gutta-percha points during root canal therapy.
The finger spreader is inserted between the canal wall and the gutta-percha point; after removal, a standardized accessory point coated with sealer is inserted into the residual space.
Endodontic spreaders are metal instruments used for packing root canal fill material to the sides of a canal in order to make room for additional material.
These instruments can be handheld or machine-driven, but they should always be tapered to fit the canal and properly sterilized for use.